December Rail Jam at Ski Roundtop

Posted: December 22, 2007 at 11:33:12 PM
Words & Photos: Jason Wagner

It was a great night on Friday. Ski Roundtop hosted their second rail jam of the season. The jam was held in Incubator Park and the setup was excellent! They had some brand new features out, with a perfect Down Flat Down box, a down handrail, and a 30 foot (I think?) flat box. The jumps onto the rails were nice and wide and the overall setup was just great! They had a DJ out next to the setup who was spinnin' some technoish beats the entire night keeping the vibe going. Around 70 competitors registered for the jam and crowd turnout was pretty decent too!

Tyler Schmittel spinning 450 onto the DFD box.

It wasn't long before the snowboarders and skiers got comfortable with the features and started to throw down in a big way. The DFD was the most popular feature the entire night, but a few guys were givin' some love to the handrail and the flatbox. Soon the snowboarders starting disastering the DFD box and quickly progressed to 270 and 450 disasters onto the feature. It was awesome! Steve Stepp and Andrew Carter were spinning big disasters onto the DFD and other guys were hitting it switch, 270 on, and switching up like crazy.

Steve Stepp with the look back on the flat box.

After about an hour or so, they stopped to determine who was going to make it to the finals. The park crew took this time to jazz up the features and fix any bomb holes that formed. Around 10-15 snowboarders made it into the finals and 6 skiers. Among those were RoundtopRiders team riders Brenden Hoch, Steve Stepp, Tyler Schmittel, Mike Bennett, and Ben Boustred.

Brenden Hoch looking steezy as usual.

Finals went off! The spins continued onto the DFD box and everyone was taking it up a notch. When all was said and done, Tyler Schmittel took home the win for snowboarders with a BS 450 Disaster onto the DFD. Mike Bennett got 2nd with his smooth tactics, switch ups, and overall variety on the DFD and handrail. Steve Stepp took the win for skiers with his 450 disaster onto the DFD rail and slew of other nasty switchups, spins on, and pretzel tricks on all of the features. Andrew Carter got second and pretty much stole the show all night. Carter was just BOMBING the DFD feature and spinning hard. He ended up trying an 810?! or something onto the DFD and ended up getting corked in mid air. Check the photos below to see what I'm talking about. It was NUTS!

Team Rider Mike Bennett staying solid on the handrail.

All in all, it was a great night! Huge thanks to Roundtop for putting on a legit jam. Specifically, I'd like to thank Phil Minter (Park and Pipe Manager) and Matt Stambaugh (Events Manager) for their hard work getting the event together. Also, Matt is the best announcer Roundtop's ever seen. He pretty much gave a play by play throughout the entire finals and was quite humorous too! Thanks again guys!

Andrew Carter with a corked spin attempt onto the DFD box.


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  1. Tyler Schmittel
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