Muscles and Evan Jump The Deere

Posted: December 6, 2005 at 10:23:30 PM
Words & Photos: Evan Resetar

Evan and Muscles (Evan's neighbor and future x-games gold medalist) decided to truck in snow from neighboring yards with a John Deere LT 160. The journey was long and it took about 2 hours in 30 degree temperatures to make their booter crunk. Once the jump was all set up and camera crews were on location; Muscles decided to hit it first. He aired over it and stomped a clean 180 and skied away, later being offered sponsorships by all the phat ski companies and rejecting them all.

Then team rider Evan Resetar decided to step up to the plate and jump the deere, first hit he caught a strong wind and almost got blown to the southern exposure area of the landing. Second attempt he stepped up to the plate and boosted a 180 over the LT 160 and stuck it, but not as clean as Muscles.

When we asked Muscles about his skiing career he replied, "Steve Stepp better watch his back because I'm bout to pwn him quick."