Preparing for Opening Day

Posted: December 7, 2005 at 09:14:20 PM
Words: Jason Wagner

Joe and the rest of the park and pipe crew were slaving away Wednesday night in order to provide a sick park for opening day. Around 8PM the started to bring out the rails and get them all set up. (Okay, so I stalk the webcam...big deal) Anyways, the setup is looking really sweet and it seems like Roundtop has a serious abundance of snow after blowing almost around the clock for past couple of days.

As announced on, the incubator park will be open at 4PM on Thursday along with Minuteman, Fife and Drum, and Fanny Hill. The incubator park will feature 3 boxes, size 15ft, 18ft, and 12ft. There will also be the progression rail and a new flat down rail. I hope that everybody is able to make it up to Ski Roundtop tomorrow afternoon! It's going to be a great time for sure.

Don't forget to check the Conditions Report Page for updated conditions posted by skiers and boarders like yourselves.