Opening Weekend at Ski Roundtop

Posted: December 13, 2005 at 01:28:57 PM
Words & Photos: Evan Resetar

Ski Rountop officially opened at 4:00 on December 8th 2005 with a packed powder surface. What I really meant to say is that Roundtop opened up with a sick flat-down rail a progression rail and 2 boxes. The park and pipe crew worked hard to make sure the takeoffs were perfect and the landings were raked. Everyone started off by just getting into the season with some regular rail slides then things started to get off the hook. The main focus for riders was the flat down rail, believe me this thing is butter!

It started off with some regular switch-ups and spinning out. The whole park stopped when Steve stomped a 270 on backside switch-up to 270 out, no joke this kid is legit. Galli got right into it and did some nasty switch-ups so don't worry about it. Since I was on scratches I thought I could ski like Tom and did a double switch-up on the rail quick. The ultimate trick done Thursday night was Steve's 270 disaster, I had to crawl to the side of the slope and throw up...because it was SICK! Overall Thursday was fun for everyone, riders in the park were having a great time and there is so much progression from all the riders.

A storm was expected to roll in for Friday so no one even planned on going to school and everyone headed up to Roundtop. Friday was a full session because school did get canceled, everyone was there and with 8 inches of fresh snow it couldn't have been more fun. Conditions were awesome and we skied all day Saturday and then took some pictures on Sunday. The atmosphere was great and the park and pipe crew kept the park in great shape. Curry was there and he did some sweet front side nose presses on the flat down rail. We got a lot of pictures that will be posted later, check back for updates coming soon.