The Return of the Green Goblin

Posted: March 22, 2006 at 3:03:11 AM
Words: Jason Wagner

Many thought the day would never come. After being banished from Ski Roundtop nearly a month ago, the Green Goblin made his return on Saturday, March 18th for the 3rd annual RGames competition. His return was anything but peaceful. Knowing that his pass had been revoked, the Goblin did the honorable thing and purchased a lift ticket. As he got prepared to take the slopes to warm up for the competition, he was stopped by security who threatened to call the police. Steve explained how he was not officially "banned from Roundtop", but that his card was simply revoked. This shouldn't have stopped him from purchasing a lift ticket and skiing, especially since he was causing no harm to anyone. After a heated discussion, Steve was permitted to ski and compete in RGames. Alex Curry was sly enough to capture some video of the discussion.

The Return of the Green Goblin Video

Steve had a sick day of riding and proceded to take first in the Big Air competition by throwing down a series of cork 5s and 7s and some sexy switch cork 5 and 7s as well. Steve will continue on this week and head up to Stratton, VT for the Vermont Open where he will compete with hundreds of other freeskiers from around the East Coast. Good luck dude!

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