Spring Weekends At Big Boulder

Posted: May 26, 2007 at 1:01:33 PM
Words & Photos: Ben Birk

Our main crew consisted of Mike Bennett (RR) Emery Calison (dirty boy straight out north jersey), and Ben Birk (freelance photo geek). Along the way we encounted the likes of (take a big breath) Tyler Schmittel, Stephen Wilson, Tyler Pottiger, Shawn Birk, Cutch, Dan, Pat Gepheart, and Worf. Little did we all know the next three weeks would be some of the best and most progressive riding we would all see this side of the Mississippi.

Day 1: Just Arriving at Big Boulder Park.

Week 1: March 31st.

Crew: Ben Birk, Mike Bennett, Tyler Schmittel, Tyler Pottiger, and Stephen Wilson.

Now it had been a good 10-15 days since we had all last ridden. So we were extra stoked to see what BB had in store for us. The day started off GREAT. Big Boulder was in full swing with PLENY of snow and so many features Mammoth would be a little jealous. They had a full jib run and a full jump line with large handrail style rails at the top. We all fell back into the swing of things almost immediately and started to discuss goals for the day and what we wanted to photograph and film. However, Mother nature decided to throw a little kink into the plans by sending in some nasty clouds to block out the beautiful springtime sun. Well we were low on footage for the year so Ben decided to put away the camera, and bring out the video camera. The session went down a little somethign like this... Smitty was loving the jumps but having a hard time with his rotations and went for a little more then he could chew off on the last kicker and it dealt him a nice big blow to the knee. He was out for the rest of the season. Stephen and Pottiger were both feeling the mellow jib line and got some great shots there. Mike Bennett was straight in Jeremy Jones mode and killed both the rails and the jumps. With his signature nose presses on everything and Mjs, to his BS lips and front boards on the handrails. He even regained his confidence and stomped a BS 3 over the last jump (trick he broke his collar bone on a few weeks before). He toped it all off with a nose press down the HUGE 45ft bar handrail. The day was finished off with a few portrait shots on some of the slopes that were not being maintained.

Day 1: Mikey B making use of the crappy weather.

Week 2: April 7th

Crew: Mike Bennett, Ben Birk, Emery Calison, and Shawn Birk

Mike and I were excited to be back at Big Boulder to ride but we were a little worried about else who was going to be there. Luckily we found Emery and Shawn around his bmw with some Lil Jezzy playing outta the back. We both knew we were in for a good day. Emery hadn't been riding for a while and it took him a a few minutes to get back into the swing of things. Once that boy gets going there is nothing stopping him. Weather was once again a little weird so there was a lot of waiting around for the sun to pop out of the clouds. Mike and Emery both sessioned the jump line for half the day just playing around and taking it easy. Half way through the day the sun decided to cooperate and we sessioned the handrail at the end of the jib run. Emery, who is no stranger to real handrails, just tore this rail apart. Stomping tons of tricks on this rail including: nose presses, 5-0s, front boards, BS lips, BS lip 270, and some front blunts with the 270s out. Mike and I decided to finish off the day by shooting the pyramid box that he was nose-pressing, gap to 5-0, along with a half cab to 50-50 to MJ to BS 180out on the lil box.

Day 2: Emery with the BS lip on the down rail.

Day 2: Mike stayed late to get the shot.

Day 2: Emery taking a break real quick.

Day 2: Mike says grab your nose and tweak.

Week 3: April 14th

Crew: Ben Birk, Mike Bennett, Emery Calison, Cutch, and Dan

This was our last week at Big Boulder. We were all excited to still be riding this late into April but sad it might be the last day we had. Weather was the best it had been, still not blue bird but a weird blue gray tint. Emery had enticed some friends to come up with the lure of big jumps and nice rails. We all started right away for the 40ft barrel handrail at the top of the jump run. Emery started with his front boards on it and then progressed to a few back lips for some photos. Mike, Cutch, and Dan all tried hard on the rail but couldn’t quite stomp anything past an fs lip on it. There was a nice big red tube/barrel on the top of a little QP that we sessiond for a bit. The day was finished off with some jumping and photos.

All in all we had a wonderful time at Big Boulder. We love their park and their pro attitude with their parks. Huge thanks to Ian and the park crew for the great things they are trying to do at this resort. Well Big Boulder, you will be in our thoughts until next year, when the temp drops again and the snow drops from the sky.

Day 3: Mike again with the BS 180 of the big hit.

Day 3: Mike Pressin' the barrel atop the quarter pipe.