Bunker Hill Terrain Park

Updated: December 24, 2005 at 05:21:45 PM

The Bunker Hill Terrain Park is Ski Roundtop's intermediate park. Bunker Hill is located on the skier's left side of minuteman. This park is mostly geared towards rails but sometimes there is a small tabletop around 15-20' that appears in this park. Bunker hill has some of Roundtop's medium-level rail features including the Triple Choice Staircase, dual C-Boxes, and a Battleship Box.

20' Battleship Box This box is about 18" wide and really buttery.

Triple Choice Staircase This 20' setup consists of 2 boxes on the ends with rails running along the inside a few inches below the box surface and a double barrel rail in the center.

20' Down Box This fast box is set up on a slight down slope. This picture is from the lift.

Double C-Boxes These C-Boxes are each 20' long and setup up next to each other.

Disclaimer: These features are typically found in the Bunker Hill Terrain Park. There is no guarantee that they will be there when you visit Ski Roundtop. It's best to check the conditions reports, or the official Ski Roundtop website, to find out which features are setup in the parks. Then, you can refer to this page to see what each figure looks like. Also, the jump features change every few days therefore, they are pretty hard to predict.