Incubator Terrain Park

Updated: December 12, 2006 at 07:01:41 PM
Words: Jason Wagner
Photos: Ben Birk

The Incubator Terrain Park is Ski Roundtop's beginner park. Incubator is located between the half pipe and Fife and Drum directly up from the lodge. Here you will find a bunch of smaller boxes and rails that will help new skiers and snowboarders work on their skills before moving onto the bigger park that is Bunker Hill. This park is almost guaranteed to be a rails-only park due to it's location.

12' Flat Box

15' Flat Box

18' Flat Box

Progression Rail This rail is 20' long and slanted slightly upwards.

Up-Down Rail This rail is 22' long and about 6" wide.

Snowmaker's Rail This rail is 22' long.

Disclaimer: These features are typically found in the Incubator Terrain Park. There is no guarantee that they will be there when you visit Ski Roundtop. It's best to check the conditions reports, or the official Ski Roundtop website, to find out which features are setup in the parks. Then, you can refer to this page to see what each figure looks like. Also, the jump features change every few days therefore, they are pretty hard to predict.