Site Requirements

Site Recommendations strives to ensure compatibility for all computers and browsers available. Sadly, not all browsers are created equal. Internet Explorer is a sad excuse for a web browser. So what's the alternative you ask? Well, for Windows computers you should check out Mozilla Firefox. This browser has been around for a few years and has already received over 350 Million downloads. would highly recommend this browser in order to get the best experience on our site. For all you Mac users, stick with Safari. Safari is the default browser for Mac OSX and does a nice job rendering our site. In addition, I would highly recommend Quicktime and Windows Media Player in order to get the most out of our media-rich website.

Recommended Applications

Firefox Logo

Firefox 2.0 (Windows) is an extremely powerful web browser. Firefox brings with it unparralleled security, loads of extensions, and tabbed browsing. Our site is optimized for Firefox and will provide a much richer viewing experience. Please consider using Firefox today! Download now

Safari Logo

Safari 2.0 (Mac OSX) is the default browser that comes with Mac OSX. Safari is a very good browser and is very similar to Firefox. This is the recommended browser if you are running a Mac.

Quicktime Logo

Quicktime 7.1.6 is required for most of the videos on RoundtopRiders. It is recommneded that you get the latest version of Quicktime and keep it up to date! Our videos are mostly MPEG-4 (.mp4) and can only be played using Quicktime. Download now

WMP Logo

Windows Media Player 11 is required for a few of our edits in the video section. If you are running Windows, then you already have Windows Media Player. However, you may not have the latest version. It is highly recommneded that you upgarde your media player. If you are on Mac, then you will have to find one of the alternatives. Download now

Additional Recommendations

  • Javascript Enabled
  • Minimium Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • High Speed Connection